Despacho del Ministro de Minas y Energía


Germán Arce Zapata
Minister of Mines and Energy

Born in Cali en 1972, Economist from the Universidad del Valle with a Master's degree in Values, Bank and Investment from the ISMA Centre of the University of Reading (United Kingdom).

Before being appointed Minister of Mines & Energy in April 2016, he was the Manager of the Fondo Adaptación, President of the Hydrocarbon National Agency (Spanish acronym for Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (2013) And Deputy Minister for the Treasury and Public Credit (2011-2013).

He also held the position of General Director for Public Credit and National Treasury in the Ministry of the Treasury (2010-2011), Deputy President for Global Markets and Treasury of the HSBC Bank, and director of the Global Markets of the ABN Amro Bank.

Minister Arce worked professionally as a freelance consultant and from the year 1992 to 2005, acted as stockholder operator in several Stock companies.

He has been a member in several boards of directors and council of directors in several financing, mining and energy sectors.



  • According to Decree 381 of 2012

Article 5. The following are functions of the Office of the Minister of Mines and Energy contemplated in the Political Constitution in Article 61 of Act 489 of 1998 and on other legal provisions:

1. Adopt the policy related with mines, electrical energy, nuclear energy, radioactive materials, alternate energy sources, hydrocarbons and biofuels.

2. Coordinate the sectorial execution of the policy with entities attached and linked to the mining energetic sector.

3. Approve plans, programs and projects for the development of the mining energetic sector of the country and in agreement with the national plans of development and with the policy of the National Government.

4. Issue regulations of the sector for exploration, exploitation, transport, refining, distribution, processing, benefit, commercialization and export of natural non-renewable resources and biofuels.

5. Define prices and tariffs for gasoline diesel fuel (ACPM), biofuels and mixtures of them.

6. Direct the issuance process of energetic regulations.

7. Issue technical regulations on production, transport, distribution and commercialization of electric energy and fuel gas, their uses and applications.

8. Adopt general expansion plans for the generation of energy and for the interconnection network, and establish the criteria for planning transmission and distribution.

9. Adopt expansion plans for the coverage services of electric energy utilities.

10. Establish exclusive service areas for rendering public utilities of domicile distribution of electric energy and fuel gas through the network as well as the celebration of contracts with bidders that may be selected for rendering said services in such areas.

11. Adopt the policies of the Solidarity Fund and the Subsidies for Income Redistribution– FSSRI, Spanish acronym, in accordance with in force provisions.

12. –Acknowledge and order the payment of compensations for the transport of liquid derivatives to wholesale fuel and liquefied gas distributors, according to stipulations contained in Paragraph 1 of Article 9 of Act 1118 of 2006.

13. Participate in the administration committees that allocate resources from Funds managed by the Ministry.

14. Direct fiscalization functions over exploration and exploitation of the fields or delegate them to an entity of the sector.

15. Direct activities related to the knowledge and cartography of the subsoil or delegate them to an entity of the sector.

16. Dictate norms and regulations for safe manipulation of nuclear and radioactive materials in the country.

17. Guarantee the exe

rcise of internal control and supervise its effectiveness and the observance of its recommendations. 18. Distribute the positions of the global staff of the Ministry according to the structure, needs, plans and programs of the organization.

19. Other functions that may be assigned.