Public Accountability

With the implementation of the 1991 Constitution, Colombia overcame its status as a representative democracy and instead became a participatory democracy. In that sense, participation has become a public policy instrument for achieving the harmonious development of society as a whole. In fact, the Constitution itself, in its article 74, states that each of the actions of the state must be documented in such a way that every citizen can gain access to pertinent information.

The following documents include the list of proceedings or minutes for recent Public Accountability Hearings:

Management Reports for Citizens

Acting according to what was established by Article 74 of Law 1474 from July 12th of 2011, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has published its management reports in addition to the congressional memories corresponding to each preceding year. These documents are proof of the activities carried out by the entity, containing administrative and financial information as well as data from Internal Control reports, among others.

Agreements for Prosperity

The "Agreements for Prosperity" are public dialogue events that take place every Friday and Saturday in a different region of the country. Each agreement takes place within the framework of a specific sector and will be led by the entities or ministries responsible for said sector.

Please click on the following link if you want to learn about what commitments correspond to the entity:

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